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Offshore Financial Centres (OFCs), as low-tax, lightly regulated jurisdictions, specialise in providing the corporate and commercial infrastructure for the formation of offshore companies and for the investment of offshore funds.

Low Tax in Offshore Paradise....

Reach Offshore, a specialist division of Reach International Group, is dedicated to the offshore market assisting accountancy, finance, financial services and banking professionals to start or further their offshore careers.

Operating across all of the world's English speaking 'tax havens' with a specific focus on the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man, Reach Offshore has ongoing requirements, in all its jurisdictions, for bankers and finance professionals with offshore experience as well as those making their first offshore move.

The benefits of working offshore are many and varied and include: access to an exceptional quality of life, earnings with drastically reduced taxation levels, as well as gaining highly sought after offshore experience, in demand across the world and enabling you to develop a lucrative international career.

At Reach Offshore we have built up an enviable reputation, with our wealth of contacts, experienced consultants and a dedicated Offshore Division, available to offer advice to anyone interested in learning about any aspect of a contract, a career or a life offshore. Also refer to our specialist Reach International division for additional international opportunities.

With many professionals seeking to maximise their earning potential, the popularity of offshore locations is steadily growing. So what's next...consider some of the exciting offshore locations and current offshore opportunities or submit your CV and let Reach Offshore assist you in your offshore career search!

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