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Reach International's dedicated global opportunities team can facilitate your job search wherever in the world you want to work, equipping you with the support and advice you need to ensure your next career transition abroad is as smooth and successful as possible.

Reach Singapore

International Finance & Accountancy Jobs in Singapore

Singapore is truly a unique city, rich in colour and contrast. Crowded with high-rises, museums, historic buildings and shopping malls, Singapore also contains more than 400 public parks, numerous beaches, a rainforest, a night safari, a famous zoo and numerous water-theme parks.

Map of SingaporeThere is a strong and friendly expat community here, enjoying the commercial opportunities, stable economy, brilliant weather, clean streets, nightlife and fine riverside dining. Those who have worked here rave about the outstanding quality of life.

More affordable than Hong Kong, less stressful than London and a better work/life balance than New York, this is the city of choice for a global workforce in the know.

You will find a delightful blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture. Overflowing with energy, Singapore is a regional hub for financial services and multi-national organisations and key financial and trading institutions. With Singapore's excellent location and strategic trade links, abundant career prospects and opportunities are all within your reach.

Singapore has a well-regulated and favourable tax regime, with personal income tax rates generally lower than in other developed countries. There is no tax on interest or capital gains for non-residents, and no other barriers to the free entry and repatriation of funds.

As south-east Asia's hi-tech, wealthy city-state the country comprises the main island, linked by a causeway and a bridge to the southern tip of Malaysia, and around 50 smaller islands. Once a colonial outpost of Britain, Singapore has become one of the world's most prosperous places, with glittering skyscrapers and a thriving port. Most of its people live in public-housing tower blocks and they enjoy one of the world's highest standards of living.

Singapore is often referred to as one of Asia's economic "tigers". Its economy is driven by electronics manufacturing and financial services. In the face of strong competition from regional manufacturers, Singapore is seeking to strengthen its services sector and tourism industry.

Click here for further Facts on SingaporeSearch for a Job in Singapore and the Relocation Process, as well as other international and offshore locations to consider. 

What Reach International can do for you

We have a dedicated, international team specialising in the recruitment of professionals across accountancy, finance, financial services and banking.

We are able to assist English-speaking candidates, from all countries around the world, with their overseas career search. Reach International has helped relocate professionals to overseas destinations from a variety of countries including the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India and South Africa, to mention a few..

Our consultants have a detailed knowledge of living and working internationally and have spent time in each of the key locations. As a result, they are always available to offer first hand advice on relocating to a new country. At Reach International we not only help you find international positions, but are also available to offer advice about any aspect of a contract, a career or life overseas and can;

  • arrange video conferences
  • advise on work permits/visas
  • assist with travel arrangements for on island interviews, if required
  • negotiate the best remuneration package for you based on our knowledge of the local market

If you want to consider a career in Singapore, our team are ready to give you realistic and detailed advice on your prospects in the international employment market.

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