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Offshore Financial Centres (OFCs), as low-tax, lightly regulated jurisdictions, specialise in providing the corporate and commercial infrastructure for the formation of offshore companies and for the investment of offshore funds.

Reach the Cayman Islands

Offshore Finance & Accountancy Jobs in the Cayman Islands

One of the world's largest financial centres and a well-known tax haven, this British overseas territory in the Caribbean has more registered businesses than it has people. The Caymans is now ranked as the fifth largest financial centre in the world, behind only London, Tokyo, New York and Frankfurt.

Grand Cayman, where the capital George Town is located and its sister islands Cayman Brac and Little Cayman have natural attractions too. Crystal clear waters, world famous beaches, coral reefs and abundant marine life, as well as an enviable year round climate, make them a popular haunt for the wealthier visitor.

/offshoremaps/caymanTourism, banking and property are big money earners, having overtaken the traditional trades of fishing, turtle hunting and shipbuilding. More than 6,000 funds, nearly 600 banks and tens of thousands of companies operate through the islands, offering professionals challenging and interesting work, as well as that much sought after quality of life.

Working in one of the leading off-shore jurisdictions in the world, the financial services clients on offer will stand you in good stead. An attractive location for those wanting to live their life whilst building a solid career.

Once a dependency of Jamaica, the Cayman Islands came under direct British rule in 1962. Granted greater autonomy under a 1972 constitution, the islands are largely self-governing and economically self-sufficient. Professionals in the Caymans work under a UK framework and legal system.

Located in the western Caribbean Sea, south of Miami and Cuba and North West of Jamaica, Christopher Columbus discovered the islands in 1503 naming them Las Tortugas, after the giant turtles that he sighted in the surrounding seas. The islands were later renamed Caymanas, from the Carib Indian word for a crocodile. The average Cayman temperature is 78°F/ 26°C in winter and 86°F/ 30°C in summer. 

The Caymans has no direct tax leading to its increasing popularity with corporate and personal investors. Direct flights from the UK take approximately ten hours.

Click here for further information on Living and Working in the Caymans, Facts on the Caymans, Searching for a Job in the Caymans and the Relocation Process, as well as other offshore locations to consider.  

What Reach Offshore can do for you

We have a dedicated, offshore team specialising in the recruitment of professionals across accountancy, finance, financial services and banking. 

We are able to assist English-speaking candidates, from all countries around the world, with their offshore career search.  Reach Offshore has helped relocate professionals to offshore destinations from a variety of countries including the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India and South Africa as well as moves from one offshore jurisdiction to another.

Our consultants have a detailed knowledge of living and working in offshore jurisdictions and regularly spend time in each.  As a result they are always available to offer first hand advice on relocating to a new country. At Reach Offshore we not only help you find offshore positions, but are also available to offer advice about any aspect of a contract, a career or life offshore and can;

  • arrange video conferences 
  • advise on work permits/visas 
  • assist with travel arrangements for on island interviews, if required 
  • negotiate the best remuneration package for you based on our knowledge of the local market

If you want to consider a career in the Cayman Islands, our team are ready to give you realistic and detailed advice on your prospects in the offshore employment market. 

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