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Offshore Financial Centres (OFCs), as low-tax, lightly regulated jurisdictions, specialise in providing the corporate and commercial infrastructure for the formation of offshore companies and for the investment of offshore funds.

Isle of Man The Facts

  • Territory: The Isle of Man – The Facts
  • Status: UK Crown Dependency 
  • Population: 80,058 
  • Capital: Douglas 
  • Area: 572 sq km (221 sq miles) 
  • Major languages: English, Manx 
  • Major religion: Christianity 
  • Monetary unit: Pound sterling 
  • Main exports: Agriculture, fisheries 
  • GNI per capita: n/a 
  • Internet domain: .im 
  • International dialling code: +44 
  • Head of state: Queen Elizabeth II. Represented by Lieutenant Governor Sir Paul Haddacks 
  • Chief minister: James Anthony "Tony" Brown
  • The press
    • Isle of Man Examiner-weekly
    • Manx Independent-weekly
    • Isle of Man Courier-free-of-charge weekly 
  • Radio
    • Manx Radio-public
    • Energy FM-commercial
    • music-based 3FM -commercial, music-based

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